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Colorful Illustrated Flowers Ramadan Invitation.png

Artwork Location: Davidson County Historical Museum 

Theme: Davidson County Community in Bloom  

Deadline: Artwork must be complete by October 7th, 2022 

Budget: Project total budget is $1,800 

Context: To commemorate the Davidson County Bicentennial, Davidson County Historical Museum will open a premier and permanent exhibit exploring 200 years of county history and more, including explorations into pre-county history with topics like ecology, geology, and Native American history. To conclude the exhibit we will look at Davidson County today, as a community within a more globalized world that’s growing and changing.  

The intention of this art project is to celebrate the diverse community we have in Davidson County today and will feature a mural created by a team of artists with varying backgrounds and styles. 

A collage of flowers will represent various cultures, ethnicities, and nationalities in our community, including, but not limited to African American, Asian, Hispanic and Latino, Native American, and Middle Eastern. 

In order to capture the essence of our Community in Bloom, flowers representing past, present, and future, and people, places, and things will all be considered. 

Artwork: The final mural is a large-scale print which is installed directly to the wall. Artwork included in the mural can originate digitally or physically and various styles of artwork are desired. All artwork selected will be digitized by the museum during the creation of the final piece.  

Rights: Davidson County Historical Museum will retain rights to use the selected artwork/s for use within museum exhibits, museum websites and social media, and museum programming. 

How to Apply: 

Any artist from Davidson County may submit an application for artwork to be considered for the Davidson County Community Mural Map project. Each application must include the artist’s contact information, biography, a sketch/rendering and a brief description of artworks. Applications may be submitted via email to or to PO Box 503 Lexington, NC 27293. 

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