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Kevin Trotter

Kevin Dean Trotter was born at Richards-Gebaur Air Force base Belton, Missouri and was the second eldest of six kids.  Kevin’s father was a member of the USAF 4400 Air Commandos Squadron and was one of the first one hundred men deployed into Vietnam.  After his service in the military, Kevin’s father moved the family back to his home state of North Carolina.

Kevin began painting at the age of eight, when his grandfather gave him and his older brother, Clay, an artist paint set for Christmas.  He is a self-taught, award winning artist who has a passion for oil painting, pencil, and sculpting.  Kevin has had his art on display at Duke University and a permanent sculpture at Clemson University.

Kevin went on to work in the packaging industry as a graphic artist/print specialist.  He has designed for or collaborated on projects for some of the top names in the fashion and food industries, as well as all of the big name department stores. His work has allowed him to maintain friendships and partner with people around the world of different cultures, for which he is truly grateful.  Kevin is married to his wife, Donna and they have two adopted children, Stephen and Laura. Both Kevin and Donna advocate for adopted children, especially those with Special Needs and are actively involved with organizations that serve the Special Needs Community.

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website#2: | Facebook: Art by Kevin Trotter

Pam Baldwin

Pam Baldwin is best known as the owner and designer behind paperclutch, where she transforms her watercolor paintings and unique art techniques into invitations & stationery.  She is also known for her fun, energetic, and unique craft parties that take place around the community.

Pam has always loved creating although she never knew a creative career was an option. She spray painted her bedroom walls with chalkboard paint (before it was trendy), thought her TV would look better painted pink, and found artsy uses for almost everything, even plumbers putty.

She never went to art school but made many attempts at a creative career before finally finding her calling. She started out with mixed media collage, then dabbled in bracelet making before picking up a liquid watercolor set.  Many of her pieces are painted using watercolor & white ink but she still loves mixed media and manipulating found and used objects into art.


Dana Holliday

Dana Holliday is a mural artist living in Thomasville, NC. She has been actively painting murals and faux finishes for over 20 years. Dana has been influenced by Impressionism and the works of Georgia O’Keefe while travelling to Europe, South America and New Zealand, she gathered ideas, techniques and the qualities of many cultures to integrate into her highly unique artistic style. She has created many works with a realistic or impressionistic flair and is currently exploring the spontaneity of more abstract art.

Dana loves people and her outgoing and personal style makes her a wonderful person to work with in your home or office. Dana’s special gift is to bring life to the visions of her clients and bring those visions to reality.

Artist Dana Holliday specializes in residential and commercial murals. Her hand-painted work graces numerous commercial showrooms, restaurants, corporate offices and private homes across the United States and abroad.  Dana Holliday specializes in large scale murals, trompe l'oeil, faux and decorative finishes, and more recently Encaustic art. To commission artwork, email Dana at or go to her website

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Instagram: @dana.holliday.artist | Facebook:

Jesca Jaymes


Jesca Jaymes from Lexington, North Carolina is a visual artist specializing in acrylic paintings influenced by Pop culture and current events. She is a self taught, full time artist who began her art career in 2015 where she focused on Glitter props and stage art, recently shifting her passion to creating bold and colorful Pop Art. Featured on multiple local podcasts and news stations for recent works of art.


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 | Facebook: Jesca Jaymes Art | Facebook  | Instagram: JescaJaymes | TikTok: @jascajaymes

Dylan Jaymes

Video producer in Lexington, NC

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Phone: 336-355-7928

Amy D. McKnight

Amy McKnight is a freestyle hand weaver and fiber artist living in Lexington, NC. She enjoys creating all manner of textiles from clothing to wall hangings. Amy is at her best teaching people how to create and has taught thousands of people the basics of sewing, weaving, and fiber art though in person classes, social media posts, and videos.

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Contact Amy: phone: 336-653-0367  | email: | website:
Instagram: @AmyDMcKnight

Al Jones

Crookedsteer - Al Jones Al Jones is an eclectic artist living in Tyro, NC located SW of Lexington but originally from West Virginia. Al grew up in the rural/south side of Winston-Salem and started drawing at the age of 8 years old trying to depict her surroundings. Al has always gravitated towards old country stores, old-timers and bygone eras and has always felt like she belonged to a different time. As a child the scenery during road trips back to West Virginia to visit family forever imprinted on her mind and reside there today like ghosts haunting her.


Al enjoys creating images using graphite, pen and ink and acrylics. Depicting landscapes from her memories, pets and wildlife, portraits, classic cars and commissioned works. Growing up creating art was the one place Al found acceptance and accolades from her teachers and adults and this reinforced her drive to learn and excel. Entering drawings at local fairs and juried art shows earned her many awards that fueled her creativity and gave her a sense of belonging somewhere.


Today Al continues to stay active creating works that are slowly gaining her recognition in the Arts Community. Her love of all things nostalgic and lost can be seen in her work. Creating commissioned works of art that have meaning for her clients is an endeavor that pushes her to excel and has been both satisfying and rewarding. Crookedsteer is a brand that Al Jones has created and works under, there is a hidden “Crookedsteer” brand in every image.

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| Facebook:
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Lexington Live 

Lexington Live Community Theatre is Davidson County's newest performing arts organization. Originating around a committee table in 2018, Lexington Live performed it's inaugural season, The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee (Feb. 2019), and Closer Than Ever (Nov. 2019) at the Edward C. Smith Civic Center in Lexington.


With support from the Civic Center and the Lexington community, Lexington Live filed as an official 501(3)(c) non-profit Community Theatre in December 2019. The mission of Lexington Live is to engage, educate, enrich and entertain our community by bringing people of all walks of life together through the performing arts.

Contact Lexington Live: (336) 430-0960 | email: | website:
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Art, design, and creating have been a part of me for as long as I can remember. Primarily working in painting and mixed media, often my work reflects nature, a remembrance, or a thought-provoking concept or idea. My favorite artists include the color of Matisse, the contrast of Carravagio, and the beautiful landscapes of Albert Bierstadt. As such, I don't limit myself in styles and techniques and am always committed to learning new skills and collaborating with others. I love communicating harmony in my work and I often find my inspiration from things in everyday life whether it's a walk in the woods or a memory of a special moment.

Contact Karen: (336) 528-6044 | email: |

  Facebook: kleetaylordesigns

Karen Taylor